Every kind of sign you can imagine…

Except for a few standard safety signs you will appreciate that no two signs are really ever the same. Each sign is unique in terms of its colours, text, graphics, materials, fixing and location.

The challenge for the sign maker is to understand what sign you have in mind, to interpret that idea into a practical sign solution and to use visuals and samples to confirm that the proposed solution is right for you. This takes training, experience, expertise and a great deal of patience.

We have all these qualities in abundance. As a starting point please browse through our product categories, below, and find an example of a sign that best fits the idea you have in mind.

Products and Services

Check out some of the main products and services that Signs Now Offer

Built Up Stainless Steel Letters

This is our top-of-the-range signage solution. These built up letters are designed to give a striking 3D effect – to make your sign stand out. We fabricate the letters from stainless steel – which can be brushed (dull) or polished (bright). We can also install LED lighting to give a halo effect to the letters. We are one of the few sign makers in the UK who can make our own built up letters in-house. This makes our pricing very competitive and ensures a quality product and service for our customers.

Fingerpost Signs

Fingerpost signs are a traditional and visually pleasing way of providing direction. We can supply posts with as little as 1 finger and up to as many as 6. The posts and fingers are powder coated and we can match your colour to any Standard RAL Colour. We can print any wording direct to the fingers.

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs are very popular and we have made and fitted thousands of such signs across the UK.

Work Boards

Over the years Signs Now has been approached by a number of organisations to design and make large display boards whewre the client can share key information with its employees. This may consist of graphs, key numbers, sliders showing progress, bulletin sheets etc. In each case we work with the client to identify the information they want to display and then we make and install the boards for them. Our clients include Kingspan, UTC Aerospace, Berendsen, and Virgin Media.


A monolith is a striking and visually pleasing alternative to a traditional Post & Panel or free standing sign whereby curved aluminium panels are tensioned around a steel sub framework.

Wall Signs

Signs Now offer a range of smaller wall signs (standard or deluxe) and a set of larger industrial unit type signs (standard or deluxe). Wall signs do not have to be expensive and they can provide an attractive and useful way of displaying key information.

Post & Panel Signs

Post and Panel signs are a popular and stylish way of welcoming visitors to your premises. We can print your design direct to a flat panel which is affixed to two silver anodized posts. We offer a standard range which uses steel posts or a deluxe range where the colour of the posts can be matched to the colour of the panel – and the fixings are concealed.

Fascia Signs

As the saying goes… “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” You have rent, rates and expensive overheads to pay for so you need lots of footfall. People walking outside your premises will make a number of instant judgements about your business – very often based on the appearance of your premises. Are you expensive or cheap? Are you welcoming or indifferent? Are you offering a tempting deal? Are your professional or not? Stand outside your own premises and take a look. What impression are you creating? If you want to alter that impression, give us a call. We can survey your site and offer you our experienced professional advice.

Office Tech Signs

The Signs Now Office Tech Range is a versatile and stylish sign which can be used internally or externally. It can be displayed in reception or used as a plaque on the wall outside your office.

Flat Cut Letters

We can fabricate letters and logos from a varierty of materials and cut them to the font and shapes you require. The letters can be painted to your preference and the signs are fixed to your building by various stand-off fixings.

Projecting Signs

Projecting Signs can be seen by potential customers from a distance – no matter which side of the street they are walking down. We have 3 product ranges – the traditional hanging sign, a more modern fixed projecting sign and finally an illuminated projecting lightbox.

Poster Display Cases

The Poster Display Case is a popular sign for displaying information – posters, bulletins, newsletters, maps, documents, etc. The Poster Display Case can be mounted on posts to be free-standing or it can be mounted on to a wall.

Vehicle Graphics

Advertising on a commercial vehicle is a powerful way to promote your business or organisation and vehicle wraps can help you achieve this. Our Sign Makers have worked with many organisations and establishments and have provided vehicle graphics for them allowing them to promote their business. Your vehicles will go where your customers are, so you position your advertising where it matters most.


These are our full colour premium banners. Banners are an economic way to promote your business, special promotions or achievements. Your artwork can be printed direct to the 500gsm material and they are available in a wide range of sizes. We hem and eyelet the banners on all 4 sides so they are ready to be fixed.

Interior Wall and Door Signs

These are our interior wall and door signs. They are a simple and stylish wayfinding method which will allow visitors in your premises to locate different rooms/areas easily. We supply standard and deluxe ranges. The standard range is a simple flat, face fixed panel whereas the deluxe option consists of a curved aluminium system which can be easily edited or interchanged with new information.

Interior Signs

There are our numerous interior signs which all offer fantastic wayfinding solutions for the corporate environment. We have both standard and deluxe ranges for our projecting and hanging signs.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Graphics

These are our self adhesive vinyl graphics. They offer another effective way to promote your business and are regularly used in window fronts. The 8 year rated vinyl comes in a wide range of colours and we can print any specific artwork direct to our vinyl. Frosted/etch effect vinyl is also available. The vinyl is suitable for both exterior and interior use and comes in a wide range of sizes.

Display Products

Signs are not just for providing information and directions. Signs can provide a very powerful medium for product advertising and promotion Take a look at our range.

Just call us or send an email, and we will be delighted to impress you with our handling of your enquiry.